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ProCoate Soft Touch - 1215

ProCoate Soft Touch - 1215


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ProCoate Soft Touch - 1215 is a novel polymeric matt emulsion suitable for single sided applications. Designed with a highly flexible and luxury soft polymer formula this product
gives a number of advantages over both lamination and normal matt emulsion formulas.

The product is soft so it is advised to check for rub resistance on durable packaging to ensure it meets all end requirements. The polymer is based upon different chemistry to standard waterbased coatings so it is advised to clean the system between coatings to avoid cross contamination.

Technical Specification

Important! Product should be stirred well before use to ensure optimal performance.

Appearance - White Liquid

Viscosity (Din 4 Cup 25°C) - 65-70 Secs

Adhesion - Excellent

Gloss (60 Degree Angle - 4 Micron Filmweight) - <5

Solid Content - 43

Indication Chart

The nature of lacquers makes the values highly dependent on substrates/inks and film weights. The indication chart allows comparisons between products within our range to aid selection of the most suitable product.

Adhesion ●●●●●●●●

Flexibility ●●●●●●●●

Heat Resistance ●●●●●

Odour ●●

Slip ●●

Water Resistance ●●●●

Grease Resistance ●●●

Dry Speed ●●●●●

Glue Acceptance ●●●●●●●●

Block Resistance ●●●●●●●

Chemical/Alcohol Resistance ●●●

Storage & Handling

This product will hold a shelf life unopened of 12 months. Waterbased coatings should not be frozen. Rapid freezing and thawing of the emulsion can
permenantly damage the product. Storing waterbased coatings out of direct sunlight (ideally in a darkened room) at between 15-20 C will prolong the shelf life

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