Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you invent ProCoate?

You, and printers like you, have an ever increasing demand for bullet proof varnishes. Varnishes with no compromises. Varnishes you can trust. We market varnishes from several big brands too, but sometimes we need something special. Something better. Something different. Something where we have more control of production and the properties of the products. So we identified the demand in the market and decided to invent our own varnish, ProCoate. A high-end and designed to fit reliable varnish for professional printers.

When did you start inventing ProCoate?

The first ProCoate varnishes came to market in the 00´ies.   

What type of varnishes do you offer?

You can choose between water based, uv based and uv led based varnishes.  Within these three groups there are more to choose from: Are you looking for Food Packaging Compliant varnishes, or for industrial use? There is a difference if you want to make labels for food packaging or if you make boxes for automobile spare parts. 

Where is the varnish produced?

All varnishes are developed, produced and packed in Europe.   

Who is behind ProCoate? 

RR PRINT A/S, a Danish company supplying the printing industry with consumables, machines and technical equipment since the late 60´ies. RR PRINT A/S is owned and run by Kim and Heidi Graff Rasmussen.

Where do you deliver ProCoate?

ProCoate is delivered to any destination with our global freight forwarding partners. 

Why do we have to pay upfront?

We demand a payment upfront on first time orders only.  Once we get to know and trust you after we have checked your credit, the payment terms will change to 30 days net. 

Do you have a credit check procedure?

Yes, we credit check all customers. 

Do you have a minimum order size?

Minimum order size is 5 kg. 

Can I mix products?

No problem. You can mix as you like.

What are your payment terms?

First order is payment up front before we ship. For repeat orders, we need to credit check your company. When you are approved by our credit check, all following orders will have payment terms at 30 days net. 

What are your delivery terms?

All orders above € 2.000,- are supplied with transport included to your destination.   

What are your prices?

All prices are in €, excl. VAT, local taxes and fees. Each packaging size has its own prices. Smaller packaging sizes takes more packaging and work to handle as larger packaging sizes. 

What are your packaging sizes?

We supply 5 kg, 25 kg, 125 kg, 200 kg and 1.000 kg packaging sizes. 

I have a question, who can I call?

You can always call us at +45 44 52 24 66. Office hours are 8.00 to 17:00 Monday - Friday.  E-mail: 

I need Statement of Compliance, Migrations Analysis, Regulatory Sheets; MSDS etc., who can I contact?

You can always call us at +45 44 52 24 66. Office hours are 8.00 to 17:00 Monday - Friday.  E-mail: 

I have a technical problem or questions, who can I call?

You can always call us at +45 44 52 24 66. Office hours are 8.00 to 17:00 Monday - Friday.  E-mail: 

What is your return policy?

You can always return unopened and clean products to us within 7 days after delivery against a credit note minus 15% handling fee. We do not accept shipping costs for return products.