• ProCoate Water Based Coatings are made of high-quality raw materials to create the desired properties for label- and packaging printers as well as commercial printers who needs a little extra.


    We design coatings to match individual needs in the industry no matter if this is a food safe barrier coating, a primer for eco-paper, a rough and paper-like texture for foil, a high slip high gloss coating for cookie boxes or a coating that is super good for uncoated paper to protect wet ink from making marks and scratches when having to rush the job through the bindery.

  • Our expertise in selecting sophisticated additives to control the slip, durability, gloss, anti-statics, hold out and other properties of a high end coating is vital for our customers success. And this is one of the reasons why we are cooperating with printing plants, machine manufacturers and brand owners to develop product specific coatings and primers.


    There are thousands of possibilities in water based coatings so this is just a little glimpse of what we offer.


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