• This premium UV coating series is expertly formulated using high molecular weight and highly reactive components, significantly reducing the risk of under-curing and eliminating potential migration concerns. Experience unparalleled quality and performance with every application

  • Compliant with REACH, EuPIA, and Nestlé guidelines, our UV coatings feature minimal or no odor in the cured film. Carefully selected ingredients minimize health and skin irritation risks while incorporating renewable, sustainable raw materials.

    Choose our UV coating series for a reliable, high-performance solution that meets the exacting standards of the printing industry.

  • Key Benefits

    ✓ Exceptional Gloss & Clarity
    ✓ Excellent Adhesion
    ✓ Rapid Cure
    ✓ Outstanding Printability
    ✓ Superior Chemical Resistance
    ✓ Suitable for Non-Direct Food Packaging