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ProCoate UV LED Gloss S IML WW FC - 6260

ProCoate UV LED Gloss S IML WW FC - 6260


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6260 is a highly reactive formulation specifically designed for high speed LED applications, which minimises the chance of undercure and creates and extremely low odour coating. High levels of wetting additives give excellent levelling characteristics and smooth surface on most substrate types. Suitable for use on conventional, UV and hybrid ink types. Wet on wet and wet on dry applications.

Technical Specification

Important! Product should be stirred well before use to ensure optimal performance.

Appearance - Light Amer Liquid

Viscosity (Din 4 Cup 25°C) - 25-35 Secs

Adhesion - Excellent

Gloss (60 Degree Angle - 4 Micron Filmweight) - 85-90

Solid Content - 100%

Indication Chart

The nature of lacquers makes the values highly dependent on substrates/inks and film weights. The indication chart allows comparisons between products within our range to aid selection of the most suitable product.





Heat Resistance






Water Resistance


Grease Resistance


Dry Speed


Glue Acceptance


Block Resistance


Chemical/Alcohol Resistance


Storage & Handling

This product will hold a shelf life unopened of 12 months. UV Varnish must be maintained at a temperature of 15-20°C and protected from rapid fluctuations or extremes of temperature. UV Varnish should not be exposed to direct sunlight. If possible store in a dark area.

Care Instructions

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