Harness the Power of UV LED with ProCoate

ProCoate is excited to announce the addition of UV LED coatings to our wide range of offerings. This new line of products provides innovative solutions to the evolving needs of the printing industry, specifically for label printers ready to make the leap from UV curing to LED curing.

But first, let's take a moment to understand what UV LED is. UV LED is a type of coating that cures when exposed to UV light, specifically tailored to the wavelengths emitted by your LED equipment on press. Standard printing presses generally operate with LED lamps at 395nm wavelengths.

The benefits of using UV LED in the printing industry are immense. One significant advantage is the massive energy savings offered by LED lamps on the printing press. While LED coatings may be pricier due to their more complex production process and the relative novelty of the market, the savings on energy costs can justify the investment. Plus, LED curing is a game-changer for printers working with heat-sensitive substrates, as the machine and substrate don't get as warm as when using UV curing lamps.

The decision to add UV LED to ProCoate's portfolio was driven by our commitment to innovation and sustainability. We're actively involved in projects with machine and equipment manufacturers, and integrating LED coatings was a natural progression for us as coating specialists.

Our experience spans across the printing industry, from small digital sheet-fed machines to large cardboard and narrow web machines. We bring this knowledge to bear in developing coatings for a variety of applications, making us an ideal partner for every printer.

The market response to LED curing has been remarkable, as shown by the increased investment and interest in LED curing equipment from major manufacturers. The success stories may be under wraps for now, but the industry is undeniably leaning towards LED curing, with trade shows increasingly showcasing presses with LED curing.

We must note that handling LED coatings requires a bit of extra care due to their extremely reactive nature. Always keep the lid on to avoid unnecessary exposure to light, and ensure that no light from LED or UV lamps accidently hits any uncured LED coating.

Now, it's easier than ever to get your hands on ProCoate LED coatings. Visit our webshop to explore our comprehensive selection of LED coatings for the industry and even enjoy a 10% discount on your first purchase.

By choosing ProCoate, you're not only opting for a product but a complete coating solution that promises quality, efficiency, and innovation. Step into the future of printing with ProCoate LED coatings.

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